It is an After Slider Area usable to highlight your important information or a business motive. Can use it for showcasing your newly announced service and get the response instantly!

Advance features with simplicity!

This theme has been divided into certain important areas that you can see at the Appearnce -> widgets in your WordPress Backend. You just have to drag and drop your favorite widgets there and you are done! Setting up a site is not that difficult, you see! We would recommend you to refer your theme guide as well because we have explained each and every possible way to help you out smooth like butter to setup your site. Coming back to widgets, this one is a simple text widget. Using some html we can even make the simple text widget look awesome. There are so many other widgets that you can use to make your site look good and functional. You can also refer our demo site where you will have an idea that what and how you can use all the necessary widgets collectively.

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Seriously, this is the first and best - out of the box WordPress theme that creates a strategically designed hotelbooking website in minutes. - R. Bhavesh
I am your club member and must say Wow! Yet again a cool Templatic theme with deep and practical functionality. - John Smith
It is a multiple purpose theme! I can use it the way I want to, with so many useful widgets! I love the flexibility of Templatic themes! - Steven
I hired Templatic guys for my theme installation and believe me, they are wonderful! They are like wine, older the better.Also how can I forget to tell that even after a perfect installation, I will be given support whenever I need for my future needs. what a team! - Linda
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