We can Build any kind of website. Give us a call for details.

Customizable blocks

This elegant business theme has been designed to give you total freedom. Use the visual composer to add new blocks to your site. Once you have added a block, all you have to do is simply start editing its text, and images if they are included.
iBusiness also lets you move and re-arrange the blocks with a simple drag n drop option. delete them. That’s not all, you can also delete the sample blocks if you like or remove certain elements from them.

iBusiness Mobile App Services

Online color and font customizer

Use the online customizer to change colors, layout and fonts to build a professional looking website. We’ve focused on giving you freedom and making the iBusiness theme very easy to use.
You can change the fonts by using the ’Typography’ drop-down. As you build your site with our the theme’s visual composer, seeing how the site will look with a particular font can be done in an instant.

iBusiness Marketing

Hosting Fees and Transfer Fees. is a small company. We try to keep our price low as the big companies.

Website Transfer fees: Star from $150.00 up to $500 Depent on the size and fuctions of your website.

Domain name fees:  We charge $50.00 yearly fees for each domain name. If you want to transfer your doamin name to another system we Charge you $75.00 transfer fees.

APP Systems:  We charge $250.00 and up  to transfer app to your account.

After you transfer out from our system it hard for us to help you with securering your domain name, website and APPS.

Late fees:

Hosting late fees: is $35.00 ( within 15 days) after 15 day the hosting account will be unactive. To active account we charge an extra fees of $50.00.

Domain name fees:  Late fees is $25.00 After 1 month the domain name will get unactive. To active domain name fees is $75.00.